Renson’s outdoor products provide that extra living space completely adapted to your own style and based on your own wishes. A place for the children to play outside, an intimate space where you can enjoy a book and some alone time, that cozy outdoor space to have a drink with friends and family, and so much more. But also the perfect storage room, parking place for your car, screening from your neighbors, decoration, and lighting for your front and backyard, and more. There is a beautiful outdoor decor with Renson’s various outdoor products for every style of home. 

Renson Pergolas

Renson Pergola NJ
Renson Pergola NJ 3

A Renson pergola lets you create an extra living space outdoors. Are you looking for a welcoming lounge to relax in with friends and family, a sheltered playroom for the kids or a cozy place to relax whatever season? The pergola is adapted to your lifestyle so that you can enjoy blissful relaxation, year after year.

All of our pergolas are based on an aluminum frame, whether they are freestanding or attached to the facade. The countless options mean that you can fully tailor your pergola to your needs. The options include automatic solar shading, LED lighting to create more atmosphere and even audio and heating elements. The choice is yours!

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Thanks to Renson terrace covers, you can enjoy your backyard even more. The possibilities to protect yourself from the wind, sun, rain, or cold are numerous and the expansion and personalization possibilities are varied. 

This makes your outdoor living space a natural extension of your home so that you can spend time outside in optimal conditions and in the greatest comfort.



Linius or Linarte give an extra accent to an outside wall and can be perfectly combined with other materials for a unique look and feel that can also be extended into the interior. Looking for a unique facade? Let your creativity run free with Linarte woods inserts or LED strips.



Thanks to our total Outdoor Concept, you can not only extend the minimalist design of the Linarte cladding to your terrace cover, but also create a unique look throughout your backyard with the Linarte lighting, Sit & Plant Units, and the freestanding Icon wall.

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