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The outdoor living company bridging the comforts of indoor living to the ambiance of outdoor entertaining

Outdoor Living Done Right!

Distinctively Outdoors is a unique experience because customers can walk into our Parsippany, NJ showroom and actually interact with all of our products. Instead of looking at a hot tub or spa in a brochure, you’ll actually get the chance to watch the jets engage and get an idea of the size spa that would best fit your outdoor space. There is no substitution for a knowledgable staff answering all of your questions and showing you all of your options so stop by our showroom today and start building your outdoor oasis!  

Customers are able to walk from environment to environment and experience several different configurations of options available to be built or placed in your outdoor space.

A true outdoor living showroom, Distinctively Outdoors is able to bring the ambiance of the outdoors into a unique storefront space not found anywhere else in Northern New Jersey.

Whether you have acres of land to fill or just a small space to utilize, Distinctively Outdoors and their design team will be able to help you configure an outdoor environment that suits your needs and fits your lifestyle!

The options are only limited by your imagination and Distinctively Outdoors is here to take the limitations away by displaying real-life examples of what you can create in your outdoor space.

COMING SOON….. A state-of-the-art “live” kitchen will tempt your taste buds and enable customers to go one step further and get a “taste” for what is available to meet your dining and entertaining needs outside.

With cooking demos and competitions between true chefs and your average home chef, Distinctively Outdoors will bring fun and food into your shopping experience while giving a portion of their proceeds to different featured charity organizations.

Whether it’s an afternoon spent designing your outdoor space or attending a cooking demonstration, you are sure to enjoy your trip to Distinctively Outdoors!

We are bringing back the person-to-person experience and allowing our customers to truly see, touch and even ‘taste’ our products!

Visit our Events, to see the latest happenings at our showroom.  


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